Uganda is a modern African nation that is home to many venerable traditions and arts.

While our country has many attractions that can only be experienced firsthand, we are pleased to offer our unique local wares directly to consumers in other countries, via the World Wide Web.

Our store is a real place, located near the capitol city Kampala. The images here have been organized to provide a virtual stroll through our shop.

The images on this page are low resolution to speed loading -- click on any image to see a larger, clearer view. As you can see, we've included photos of several items that will be available a little later. Please bookmark this site and check back for new additions -- we intend to grow!

Please remember that these items are only a sample of what we offer -- if you don't see what you want, please inquire. Our craftspeople will be only too happy to produce custom items to your order.

Hats and placemats This corner displays some of our colorful woven merchandise.

Our hats, known here as EKOFILA, are woven from a variety of materials: banana fibers, palm leaves, felted bark cloth. Bark cloth is especially valued in Ugandan culture.

Woven grass EKOFILA hats #001 $7.40 [2 kg] (please provide head diameter in inches/cm)
Place mats #002 AVAILABLE SOON
Place mats #003 AVAILABLE SOON
Place mats #004 AVAILABLE SOON

Leather purses As you look around our store, you'll see handbags everywhere, in different sizes, materials & colors.

As with our hats, ENSAWO purses are made from many materials. In the left foreground of this photo, you can see a group of drawstring purses made from dyed leather* -- black is traditional, but please inquire if you would prefer another color.

Leather drawstring ENSAWO handbags #005 $27.00 each [4 kg]

Large purses For the serious shopper, we have large woven shoulder bags in a variety of attractive patterns.

Material choice for these is the same as for our hats. As you can see in the photo, they are woven in multicolor patterns with one color dominanting. Tell us which dominant color you prefer when ordering. We always leave the choice of the secondary colors up to our weavers -- they're artists, after all!

Woven fabric ENSAWO handbags, large #006 $27.00 each [4 kg] (state color)

Small purses For occasions when a smaller handbag is called for, we have these compact offerings.

Although the form is different, material and color choice is the same as for our larger handbags.

Woven fabric ENSAWO handbags, small #007 $27.00 each [3 kg] (state color)

Traditional clothing The East African climate requires fashions that are cool and loose-fitting.

The robes you see in this photo are very respectable attire in our country! You'll often encounter these worn at important functions, and clothing our valued elders. Moreover, this is the attire worn by the traditional rulers of the Buganda Kingdom. Yet unlike the formal attire worn in other countries, these robes are very comfortable.

NOTE: On all clothing orders, please provide height, waist and chest measurements, in inches or centimeters.


Traditional clothing Our two-piece ensembles will look even better on you than they do on our back wall!
2-piece garments #009 AVAILABLE SOON

Short-sleeve shirt Even the common button-down shirt has its own special character in Uganda...
Short sleeve shirt #010 AVAILABLE SOON

Shorts do our trunks!
Trunks (shorts) #011 AVAILABLE SOON

Costume jewelry Costume jewelry to provide fashionable accents for any occasion.
Earrings #012 Please inquire
Necklace #013 Please inquire

T-shirts and caps For those really informal dates, nothing beats the old T-shirt and sports cap.

Carvings and mats These slender fellows are hand-carved wooden treasures. Against the wall behind them are our ever-popular woven mats.

Though the serve primarily as a floor covering here, our colorful and practical OMUKEKA mats can be put to many uses. They are woven from durable palm leaves, and like our purses they display a multicolor pattern with one dominant color.

Wooden carved figurines, large #016 AVAILABLE SOON
Woven OMUKEKAmats #017 $17.00 each [4 kg] (state color)

Carvings and paintings In this corner we have another group of local carvings, together with smaller carved figures and paintings by some of our village artists.

The hardwood carvings are produced in several colors, but black and brown are the most common. Most of the paintings you see here were made using the batik process.

Wooden carvings figurines, large #018 AVAILABLE SOON
Small wooden carvings #019 $23.00 each [2 kg] Please inquire about available subjects
Painting #020 Price varies by size and artist, special commissions welcomed -- Please inquire

Last supper "The Last Supper."

This work is one we're particularly proud of -- the picture was made on cloth using the batik dye process, which is very popular in Uganda.

Painting #000 Produced to order -- Please inquire

Warriors Here is a group of our traditional warriors figures, which provide color and drama to any setting. Clothed in garments made from woven material, these stand over 12" tall.

NOTE: not recommended for rooms with infants or housecats.

Warrior figure #021 AVAILABLE SOON
Warrior figure #022 AVAILABLE SOON

Paintings and carvings Another interesting group of animal carvings, masks and paintings.

The animals we always have in stock are the elephant, hippo, lion, leopard, dog, and antelope, but we can supply many others -- please inquire and we'll check with our craftspeople.

Animal carving #023 $23.00 each [2 kg]
Wooden mask #024 AVAILABLE SOON

Carvings and paintings Everybody loves giraffes!

Ours are quite tall (usually around 24", depending on the size of the original hardwood billet) and painted to resemble the real thing in tan, brown and black. One of our most popular items!

Carved and painted giraffe #025 $140.00 each [5 kg]
Carved and painted giraffe #026 $275.00 pair [8 kg]

Stools and carvings When sitting and eating by candlelight, it is important to set the proper mood -- the items in this photo give some idea of the way we do it.

The highly-portable MWASAJUTE stool is made from wood and bamboo fibers.

Stool MWASAJUTE #027 $10.00 each [4 kg]
Carved wooden candlesticks #028 $9.00 set of 4 [2 kg]
Wooden bowls with utensils #029 AVAILABLE SOON

Baskets, masks and chess (oh my!) Basketry is an everyday skill, but as you see here, it can also be practiced as an art form. We make some pretty nice chess sets, too.

The baskets are woven from a mixture of bark cloth, bamboo fiber and banana leaves, in various sizes. Tell us the dominant color and approximate size you want -- if you're not in a hurry, we can have these especially made to your orders.

Small basket #030 AVAILABLE SOON
Chess board and pieces #031 Produced to order -- please inquire

Candlesticks and placemats OK, we really like candles sticks and placemats -- here's a chance for another good look!

Lampshades and docorations If you prefer electric light to candles, we've still got you covered.

The shades shown here are made from wood and come in different dimensions -- please inquire before ordering for further details.

Small lampshade #032 AVAILABLE SOON
Small lampshade #033 AVAILABLE SOON
Decorative plaque [material] #034 AVAILABLE SOON

Lampshades Gaze upward to see some more indoor shade for your home.
Large, ornate lampshade #035 AVAILABLE SOON
Wickerwork lampshade #036 AVAILABLE SOON

I love Uganda "I love Uganda" -- need we say more?
I love Uganda #037 AVAILABLE SOON

Doorway We saved some of our best stuff for last -- here's what we keep near our doorway.

The NGOMA drums are made with wooden bodies and heads made from the skins of a variety of local animals*. The tonal qualities vary according to the size of the drum and the thickness of the drumhead.

Our dolls come in several sizes -- most are between 10"-12" tall.

Very large NGOMA drum #038 $23.00 each [15 kg]
NOTE: please inquire about shipping for this heavy item
ALSO AVAILABLE: Large NGOMA drum #039 $10.00 each [10 kg]
ALSO AVAILABLE: Medium NGOMA drum #040 $9.00 each [8 kg]
ALSO AVAILABLE: Small NGOMA drum #041 $7.00 each [7 kg]
Tall NGOMA drum #042 $41.00 each [10 kg]
Fabric DOLLE dolls #043 $7.00 each [2 kg]
Large carvings #044 Produced to order -- please inquire

* All products made using leather are produced right here in Uganda. The leather is made either domestic animal skins, or those from legally hunted, non-endangered game animals.


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